Experiencing the Cities and Towns of Morocco

There is nobody left to feel overpowered by the colossal medina of Fez . The boulevards and mosques of this city in the focal point of Morocco , transport us a thousand years prior through structures and pictures that appear tied down in time. Here the exchanges of yesteryear have not offered approach to new innovations and the most utilized methods for transport inside the medina, is as yet the poor jackass who conveys kilos in the face of his good faith without a mumble.


Fez, the medieval city in which it is just about a commitment to lose all sense of direction in its overly complex and clamorous, yet loaded with fascinate, medina. Dissimilar to the fez turismo we can appreciate somewhat more quietness and less weight, particularly with respect to the dealers. Notwithstanding touring its medina, we need to walk and deal in its unlimited souks. There are numerous things to see and do in Fez , we needed to make a rundown of the 50 that we believe are the most vital, making a determination of the ones we loved the most in the excursion.


You can devote very nearly three days to the city and all things considered, you had things to see. The medina has in excess of 9000 boulevards, some of them without exit or of impossible structures, 185 mosques and 70 fancy wellsprings. In every area you can’t miss the mosque, the Arab shower or Hammam and the wellspring. Without a doubt the two primary roads that slice from west to east the medina are an absolute necessity for anybody landing in Fez.


All through them we will discover a clamor of shops, souks, eateries, a swing of individuals in the two bearings and a burrito that will approach us for entry. Fez Morocco is a protected city yet it is constantly prudent, as in different urban communities, to utilize sound judgment and not stroll through specific boulevards with few individuals around evening time or show profitable articles. Without a doubt the city will become hopelessly enamored with you and you will check the days to return. For more data, click this page.

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